Tampa Bay Sea Cadets

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Training Program

Recruit-TrainingThe NSCC training program permits cadets to train aboard military installations and ships, attend selected military schools and seminars, and participate in international exchange programs and other programs in support of these goals and objectives. Academic curricula provide rate training with unclassified Navy correspondence courses supplemented by classroom instruction and on-the-job training. Cadets who successfully complete the NSCC training program may enlist in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps at advanced pay grades. This training also is beneficial to cadets who apply for officer training programs.




All training is in support of the goals and objectives of the NSCC.

•To develop an interest and skill in seamanship and seagoing subjects.

•To develop an appreciation for our Navy’s history, customs, traditions, and its significant role in national defense.

•To develop positive qualities of patriotism, courage, self-reliance, confidence, pride in our nation and other attributes which contribute to development of strong moral character, good citizenship traits, and a drug-free, gang-free lifestyle.

•To present the advantages and prestige of a military career.

Recruit Training and Advanced Training: National Training Schedule


For more information about training  contact our Training Officer (Chain of Command page).

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