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Welcome to the Tampa Bay Division of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps and the United States Navy League Cadet Corps. We are the oldest USNSCC division in Florida, the most progressive, and we drill at the U.S. Army Reserve Center at Rattlesnake Point, as well as aid with the line handling for the Merchant Marine Vessel, the American Victory.


The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a federally chartered non-profit civilian youth organization for young people, ages 11 through 17. We are comprised of a junior and a senior cadet program. We are sponsored by the Navy League of the United States and supported by both the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. Every year our cadets participate in training opportunities such as SCUBA, field and medical training, photojournalism, military police science and sailing. When cadets join the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, they embark upon a path of lifelong leadership. The program will teach them how to successfully lead groups of their peers and will also inspire them to become leaders in their schools and communities. For more information, please visit www.seacadets.org.


Chart your course
Sea Cadets go places — whether it’s abroad with our international exchange program or to sea aboard our nation’s great Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine ships. Our alumni go places, too. Sea Cadets maintain good academic standing and graduate from high school. Many of them go on to excel at service academies and other two- and four-year universities. Our alumni take with them a sense of accomplishment, camaraderie and excellence and go on to live lives of service and leadership. While Sea Cadets are not required to join the armed forces upon graduation, they do so at very high rates. Our alumni often come back to us as volunteers, determined to give back to the program that gave them so much. When we ask our cadets to chart their course, we are asking them to not only make the most of our their time in the program, but to use the resources they are given to develop a vision for their future.


Lead, learn, excel
Our program is creating tomorrow’s leaders. We believe that the only way to learn leadership skills is through frequent practice. In today’s high-tech environment, the skills learned at our science, technology, engineering and math courses are in great demand. Cadets are encouraged to be well-rounded in their academic and training pursuits, and opportunities for technical training are plentiful. Through exposure to a unique teamcentric, objective-based environment, cadets learn to demand excellence from themselves and others.




Tampa Bay Division History and Awards


Unit Commissioning

August 16, 1985

The 22nd unit in the 6th USNSCC region and the 274th unit in the nation.


Unit Commanding Officers

LCDR Fred E. Palmer Sr. (Plank Owner)  22 OCT 1984 - 04 MAR 1991

LT Dorothy M. O’Piela                               05 MAR 1991 - 30 JUN 1997

Inst. Rene D. Roche                                    01 JUL 1997 - 18 SEP 1997                              

LT Dwight K. Hamborsky Jr.                     19 SEP 1997 - 20 FEB 2003

LT Glenn Whitaker                                     21 FEB 2003 - 14 SEP 2004

LCDR Catherine E. Orazi                           15 SEP 2004 - 21 FEB 2005                       

LT Franklin R. Smith                                  22 FEB 2005 - 11 JUN 2006

LTJG C. Gail Ryan                                     12 JUN 2006 - 06 JUL 2007

LCDR Franklin R. Smith                            07 JUL 2007 - 01 APR 2008

LTJG Peter D. Finneran                              02 APR 2008- 31 MAY 2011

LTJG Bill Boudreaux                                  01 JUN 2011 – 31 MAR 2012

LTJG Kevin R. Christie                              01 APR 2012 – 01SEP 2016

LTJG Humberto R. Alvarez,                      01 SEP 2016 - Present


2009 USNSCC Unit Awards 

  • Ranked 8th for the JOHN J. BERGEN TROPHY -awarded to the most outstanding NSCC unit in the nation.
  • Ranked 1st in Division 6 for the CHAIRMAN'S AWARD FOR RECRUITING AND RETENTION.
  • Ranked 2nd in Division 6 for Unit Inspection (Honor Award)


2010 USNSCC Unit Awards

The 25th year Silver Streamer earned in August of 2010 for its 25th year commissioning anniversary


2012 USNSCC Unit Awards 

  • Honor Awardee in Divison 6 -- NSCC
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